‘Single Player’ is a new game mode in QuizUp, allowing you to play your favorite QuizUp topics alone, and at your own pace. However, there’s a catch: every 5th question is a ‘Wildcard’ question. When you land on a Wildcard you’ll have to answer a question from a different topic to continue, and you get to choose between 3 random topics to answer from. 

With Single Player mode we’re introducing a new type of in-game currency; our gems (that’s the green hexagon in the top left corner of your screen), as well as an energy bar. You have a finite amount of energy to spend on Single Player games, but your energy recharges over time. Note: you do not need to spend energy if you’re playing a good old PvP game.

The gems can currently be spent in the following ways: on continuing your game after a wrong answer, on replenishing your energy, and on shuffling the wildcard categories offered to you. Everyone will start out with 100 gems, and if you run out, you can buy more in our QuizMart.

SP mode is currently only available in our editorial topics (so not with user-made My QuizUp topics).