What is the difference between editorial QuizUp topics and user generated My QuizUp topics?

Editorial QuizUp topics:

  • Have custom made icons 
  • Have title for surpassing every 5 levels.
  • Have “Best in..” banners
  • Are created by QuizUp

My QuizUp topics:

  • Uses pre selected images for the icons which the creator chooses. We wanted to try to keep the overall look and feel of the app intact, and that's especially important for the topic icons, as they're often displayed together in a grid, where one photograph as an icon could look very much out of place. At the moment it's not possible to import own custom icons. However we're definitely not ruling it out for all eternity.
  • Have no level titles. Level titles were left out initially because of moderation concerns, as a title is visible to anyone who engages with the player who bears it. We might reconsider at some point.
  • Have no “Best in..” banners. We decided against that because otherwise anyone could create a new topic called "Harry Potter" or "Game of Thrones", instantly become the best in the world in it and fly a banner. For now, we're thinking we'll limit banners to our editorial topics. 
  • Is user generated and QuizUp does not take responsibility for the content. Of course if the content is inappropriate and is breaking our terms we act on it but we can´t make sure that the content is correct.

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