We reward people who return on a daily basis by increasing the XP multiplier each returning day.

How does this work?

On the first day, you can activate the XP multiplier by playing 3 games. You will receive a 0.2x Booster which will increase (by 0.2) each consecutive day you log in, until it reaches 2x. It will take around 5 days to reach the maximum multiplier (2x), and after that you will retain the max, as long as you come back.

For how long does each daily booster work?

They work as long as you keep coming back, throughout the entire day, and they affect all the games played during that period.

What happens if I don't come back for day?

You lose your XP multiplier, it goes back to normal and you'll have to start building up your XP multiplier again.

How will I know about the the daily XP multiplier?

The daily reward badge will pop up on your screen and if you forget to enter the app the second day we’ll send you a push notification about it. You can always see your XP multiplier status on the end screen, in the purple “Power Up Bonus” box. (see image)