If you're unable to access your account, please read through this solution and try our suggestions.

Some things to keep in mind when logging in to QuizUp:

  • Use "Have an account? Log in" if you have already created an account.
  • Use "Log in With Email" if you were using an email based account. Do not use "Don´t have an account? Create account".
  • Use "Login with with Facebook" if you used Facebook account for the previous QU account.
  • Use "Login in with Google" if you used Google+ account for the previous QU account.

Facebook connect: Must be logged into your FB account on the device FB app or browser.

Google+ connect: Must be logged into your Google+ or Gmail on your device.

If QuizUp says that "There's no user with this email", there might've been a typo in your email when you signed up. In that case:

Please fill out this form and send us a ticket - Please include the following information in the description box: 

  • What is your Username?
  • Where are you from (include your State if you're from US)?
  • Did you signup via Facebook, Google or Email?
  • What is the email address you might have used (it´s ok to list up 2-3 addresses)?
  • Can you describe your profile picture / Upload?
  • Do you have "Best in..." banner in a topic, which topic/when?
  • Do you remember any specific name from your follower/following list?