Whether the topic and content is inappropriate, not applicable or wrong, we ask you report it to our moderators using the following methods in the app.

Report inappropriate topics

If you find an inappropriate topic, either because of its content, title or discussions, please report it to us. Tap the (!) icon in the top right of the topic page to report it. Choose from a set of reasons that pop up and our moderators will deal with it accordingly.

Wrong or inaccurate questions

If you come across a question that has a wrong answer, spelling mistakes or other issues, we ask you use our question report tool to tell us about it. The report features is located in the endgame screen of a game that includes the question you want to report. Simply scroll to the screen where you view the questions (the last screen), and swipe left or right until you’ve found the question you want to report. Then tap the report button at the bottom of the screen to report the question. Our editors and creators will then receive the report and act on it appropriately. Thanks!