With the advent of My QuizUp, users can create their own topics on the subjects they are passionate about. To make the gameplay experience more pleasant in these community topics, QuizUp has introduced a collection of robot as opponents.


Small topics with few followers just don’t have the critical mass of users to offer random live match-ups. Instead of restricting gameplay in these topics to offer only challenges, we have introduced QuizUp bots.

How do they work?

There are five bots, ranging in difficulty.

+ Plain Vanilla [Easiest]

+ Mellow Mint

+ Zesty Lemon

+ Sassy Strawberry

+ Dark Chocolate [Hardest]

Match-ups with bots are always random, but as you progress in a topic (see more questions and gather more XP) you are more likely to be matched up with difficult bots.


Note:They are not staff members, so they do not grant you the Plain Vanillian achievement. You can recognize real-life staff members from the red banners on our profiles. We play every day so it shouldn't take you too long to find some of us to challenge! Happy Quizzing!