QuizUp is a new kind of social network. The platform focuses on connecting people through their shared interests, while staying true to it’s origins as a trivia game. The platform is based on a followers model, where users follow the activities of friends and topics they are interested in.

Each topic has an independent function within the platform. Users can participate in vibrant communities connected to topics they are passionate about (for example pop music, TV shows, history, geography, science and literature), and easily discover new topics that match their interests.

Discovering like-minded people is easy and fun on QuizUp. You can examine other players' game statistics, their most played topics and which interests you share, providing a valuable insight into their character. Interactions are simple and effortless. You can follow people, challenge them to a game of QuizUp, or start a chat.

QuizUp is available for mobile devices and regular web browsers. Just search for QuizUp in your app store or visit www.quizup.com