Have you always wanted to play a topic of your own creation? Then go ahead and create one! The creation process is super easy and fun and you can access it by logging on to www.QuizUp.com on your computer.

Start by logging into your account via www.QuizUp.com - On your profile on the left side of the screen you'll see create your own topic and "Start Here" (red banner).



Click the "Start Here" banner and you'll get the "My QuizUp - Let's do this!" popup. Click "Let's do this!" to start the topic creation process, then follow these steps in order (see pictures):

  • Type in the name of your topic and click next.
  • After you've picked a name, you create a tagline for your topic, then click next.
  • Select the language your topic will be written in (you can select from any language that you and our platform can handle), click next.
  • Select a category that your topic fits into (you can select from 17 different categories) and click next. 
  • Create the icon for your topic with our icon generator and click next.
  • Now you can get down to business and start adding questions to your topic, one by one!


How to add questions to your topic:

  • Typing in the questions and answers is fun and easy, as you can see in the picture below. 
  • Remember that the right answer always needs to come first, in the green box. The answers will then be shuffled once you start playing.
  • If you want to include a picture with your question you simply click the 'add photo' button on the left, beneath your question.
  • When the question and answers are all ready to go, click "Save Question" and the question is added to your topic.
  • A new question template will pop up following each question you complete.
  • The minimum number of question to finish the topic creation process is seven questions.