After each game you are rewarded with experience points (XP) based on your performance in the game. Maximum points for each game are 300 XP. The points earned are the sum of:

  • Match score: the points you get for your right answered questions, the faster you answer the more points you get (maximum 160)
  • Finish bonus: you are rewarded with 40 XP if you finish the game 
  • Victory bonus: you are rewarded with 100 XP if you win the game

If your game ends in a tie, you share the victory bonus with your opponent (you get 50 XP each).

If your opponent surrenders, you get the XP you’ve earned in the game, the finishing bonus and victory bonus. If you surrender you get 0 XP, although you’ve earned some points in the game before surrendering.

If there is error during the game (due to bad network connection for example), both players get 0 XP.

The number of points required to move from one level to the next increases with every level.

XP is simply the abbreviation we use to refer to 'Experience Points'. You gain XP ('match points') with every answer you get right in a QuizUp match, depending on how quick you are to choose the correct answer. You also gain +40 bonus XP ('finish bonus') for finishing a match, and additional +100 bonus XP for winning ('victory bonus').

Your total XP after each match depends on how well you did in the match, as it is the sum of your match points, your finish bonus and your victory bonus. Collecting XP by playing a match in a topic moves you up to a higher level in that topic.