Here are instructions to join the Android Beta :-)

Having the beta build means that you'll get access to new versions before they're fully released, trying new features and helping us stabilise the updates. Follow the instructions to install the Beta: 

1. Follow this link to opt into the test: If you have more than one Google account, make sure to join under the one that you use on your Android device.
2. When you're there, click 'Become a tester'.
3. Wait up to two hours for Google Play to update, then uninstall and reinstall QuizUp.

If you don't get the update, double check that you have only one Google Account logged in on the Play Store.

To submit feedback and/or bug reports, please use the shake & report feature: How to shake and report
Or visit the topic "QuizUp Feedback" in the game.

If you want to leave the Beta group: Tap "Leave the test" in PlayStore and uninstall the Beta version.

Thank you for helping make QuizUp spectacular :-)