Signing up via Facebook/Google account:

If you create your QuizUp account with Facebook/Google+ your Facebook/Google+ friends will automatically become your QuizUp followers. This makes it easier to challenge them, chat with them, and look up their profiles.

Signing up via e-mail:

If you create a QuizUp account with your e-mail address you must manually follow your friends on QuizUp. Search for your friends in the QuizUp search bar in the top right corner and click the icon next to their name to follow them.


    Please keep in mind that how you sign up is permanent.

    If you sign up with your Facebook/Google account, you can not link your email address to the account later, and will always have to log-in using Facebook/Google.

    If you sign up using an e-mail address, you will have to remember your e-mail and password to access your QuizUp account.