What are banners?

Banners are achievements that are awarded to players for reaching 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Top 10th place in a leaderboard for a topic.

There are two different types of Banners, All-Time Banners and Monthly Banners:

  • All Time Banners are banners that are awarded for overall score in a topic.
  • Monthly Banners are banners that only cover a period of a month, from midnight (GMT/UTC) of the 1st day of each month to midnight (GMT/UTC) of the last day of each month.

There is no hard limit on how many banners that a player can have in total, but only 1 All-Time Banner is awarded per topic, and only 1 Monthly Banner per month per topic.

Where can I find banners?

Banners can be found in the following locations within QuizUp:

  • Your own profile
  • Other players profiles
  • Match-up screen
  • Banner award popup (after you earn a banner)

We only display one banner at a time in profiles, but offer the option to swipe left or right to view more banners.

How do we order banners?

When it comes to showing banners when you are being matched up against another player (on the match-up screen), we display your best banner (not necessarily your newest one) in the topic you are playing. 

Banners are ordered by:

  • Rank
  • Location
  • If they are All-Time or Monthly
  • And if they are Monthly, then they are ordered by the age of the banner