If your profile is public / open:

Name, age, title, description: To show you the basics about you
Flag: To show where you are from
Location: Country name and city if you specified it.
Online indicator (green dot): To see if the you are online now or not
Banners: Shows your banners if you have achieved them while playing QuizUp. Slide to the left to see other banners.
Ribbons: Displays a ribbon for the following: QuizUp Staff member, question contributor, topic moderator, a validated profile.
Games: Shows you how much of a gamer you are.
Followers & Following: Shows you how many people you're following and are following you. You can tap “see all” to view all your followers and the people that you are following.
Statistics: Shows you summary of wins / draws / losses in QuizUp.
Topic / interest wheel: Displays a wheel that sums up what you are most interested in (or playing the most), "see all" takes you to Topic list view.
Achievements: shows the latest achievements you got, "see all" takes you to a list of achievements.
Activity feed: Displays your QuizUp activity or the persons profile you are looking at. Makes it easy for you to see what's happening in QuizUp.

If your profile is private:

Name & title: Your display name and chosen title
Games: Number of games you've played
Followers & Following: Number of followers and how many you're following